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We make your ideas in crypto space. One platform for power up and launch your project with blockchain. One way — one right choice!

Our Vision


ONE right choice

Development of affordable blockchain solutions for developers, creators and users. Our global goal is a popularize and integration blockchain technologies to the masses. As well as providing high-quality consulting services.

The largest spheres and companies of the traditional market, realizing the advantages of blockchain technologies, are preparing for integration in WEB3. We are here to help you with that!



Game solutions

Our Smart Hub product will help you to integrate blockchain into your project


NFT Collections

We will to realize your ideas and launch your first NFT Collection in crypto space


Blockchain Development

our Rust & Solidity experience for your project


Marketing services

We will help you with special marketing campaign in Web3 and content plan for your tasks.

Consulting services in the following areas

WEB3 development has never been so easy! You will be able to adapt to a market of the future in a short time, as well as save time and money.


Blockchain consulting

Project integration, we help you choose the necessary set of smart contracts for your tasks.


Legal consulting

Jurisdiction analysis: we will do the analysis for you. Company registration: we will take care of the legal birth of your business. Compliance measures: We work with all regulations, even in the most constantly changing scenarios.


Financial consulting

We will help you analyze the current market and build a plan for building a business model and tokenomics of the project, and we also offer assistance in developing the NFT collection and organize the primary sale of the token.


Marketing consulting

It is an indisputable fact that web3 marketing is different from traditional, so our team will consult and, if necessary, conduct a marketing campaign for you depending on the tasks set. Both ecosystem resources and the resources of our partners will be used, which will capture the widest possible audience.

Our project

A common love for games and blockchain innovations united us and we already have product that will help all developers of blockchain games!

Smart HUB

Smart Hub will help integrate blockchain into your game or expand the existing architecture. Smart Hub is a set of smart contracts that includes everything for a successful launch!

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